Graphic Design

When you expect great results... they start with a good design or a concept.

      Graphic Design creates great results for your business. Which is communicating who you are, what you do and what makes you stand out from your competitors as effectively as possible. It is not simply applying color to paper; it is the aesthetic arrangement of type and image along with colour to interest, inform, persuade, or sell. 

       We take pride in advising our clients on every aspect of their business’ requirements, from Conceptual brand identity or business stationery products, to planning your next marketing campaign, or producing large banners or posters, designing your annual report and even your website or e-marketing campaign.Our Designers are experienced in working with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. Along with your ideas & our creativity your product is brought to life & this is what we like to do best. In today’s iage, our graphic designers can extend their skills to the wide world of online marketing – websites, videos, even online newsletters and publications are part & parcel of our Design services available at PPG.

         Experienced with a wide range of customers from Dandenong, Southeast Suburbs, not forgetting Melbourne & looking forward to service Clients all over Australia as well. Ours graphic designers have worked with hundreds of clients to create marketing; communications & media personal with an impact that will help you attract customers and grow your business. The designers at Plus Point Grafix are able to assist with everything from your logo and branding to your next run of catalogues, brochures or flyers & even any kind of product for any day-to-day activities. 


Logos, Branding, Brochure Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Annual Report Design, Invitation Design,

Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Newsletter designs, Power Point Presentations